Sever the ties and liberate yourself

Mission Statement:

To Empower 1,000,000 in 2019-2020.

To inspire and empower people to discover their purpose with ease and focus.

To facilitate your journey of self-mastery, using the power of clarity, mindfulness, self-care and self-awareness.

Empowering people to discover their talents, set clear intentions and make a difference in the world.


"Get Blissed" unique coaching invites you to redefine who you are, why you are here and acknowledge your gifts. This process is deep, freeing, fulfilling, and fun.


Throughout your private one to one sessions, you will learn techniques and strategies for you to implement. This process will enhance both your work and home life.


You will achieve great results and transform your life by following these principles.

Natasha has overcome a low self-esteem, confidence issues, depression and fear of speaking on stage by following this unique formula. It has made a huge positive impact across all areas of Natasha's life and that's why she is so passionate about sharing this with you so that you too can lead an abundant life :)