Jane Francis GP Birmingham
“Thought-provoking, inspirational, motivational”
Michelle Orme 
Childminder, Staffordshire
 “I really enjoyed meeting with Natasha. I found it very interesting and fascinating and this has certainly re lit the flame again for me. I am looking forward to now reading and watching a lot more on this positive way of life. I love the way Natasha is   so enthusiastic about the subject she is teaching.”"Very enthusiastic and lovely and think you could help us no end"
Helen Leve
Business Owner, Staffordshire

“After a coaching session with Natasha, a friend texted to say her husband had had trouble collecting money from a customer. After our session together she asked the universe about it and lo and behold the man owing the money stopped behind her husband, unexpectedly, and flashed him to stop and gave him the full payment then and there!!  A couple of things Natasha said really hit home with me - about taking responsibility for my life (and I haven't really been doing that with my health) and about only seeking happiness within (and although I know this I have recognised areas where I don't do this - I think food will make me happy and have been making unhealthy sugary food part of my life as a result of this).  The timing of our session with Natasha was great, as 2 days later I went on holiday where I was able to do lots of thinking.  I ate much more healthily on holiday and made much better choices. It is a way of living and it incorporates a really holistic approach - yoga, meditation, affirmations etc. as well as lots of info on food.  So if I crack my eating I'll thank Natasha forever because it’s always been an area where I am weak willed!  

Anyway Natasha was brilliant and I really appreciate the time she gave us. We would love to do it again. “ 

Sam Hewitt
Equestrian, Staffordshire

“I tend to take things in and then process them. I want to thank Natasha, as I always feel so confused and she helps to clear my mind and seem to make it so simple.  She helped me realise now that I'm trying to do too many changes at once.

I always feel like devil’s advocate and I always seem to be challenging the things Natasha says.    I take in everything she says and I do get so much from sessions with Natasha. As an excuse, it's kind of the way I was brought up, to question everything and trust nothing; I am working on it though!! Please take this as a positive critique; it is wonderful that Natasha has so much passion for what she believes in. Natasha really does have a gift and really helped inspire me, I hope that she will be very successful in her career as there are so many people that she can help. It gave me a lot to think about and I think Natasha is lovely.  ...her way of seeing and dealing with things is amazing.  She is a very inspirational person and pulled emotions out of us so easily. For the first time, though, I feel nervous about this journey.  It's like I've only been playing and sitting on the fence the last 8 months and now it's serious... I have to have faith now and that's scary!!”

Naval Kumar Entrepreneur London

“I pride myself in being structured, and process driven, but that also gets me caught up in the whole thing. Speaking with Natasha, reading her book, doing the short exercises she recommended has changed that a lot for me. I no longer fixate on the structure and process of doing things, but enjoy the journey a lot more, I am not exhausted anymore, and more so, I don't drive people around me crazy...”

Tia Property Developer Worcestershire

“Natasha is a very inspiring lady. Particularly her constant positive attitude and commitment to helping others are exceptional. She has certainly helped me look at things differently. “

Alok Nagpal
Entrepreneur, London

“I have known Natasha in a personal and professional capacity for a number of years. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm in all aspects of her life are infectious traits to say the least. Natasha is goal focussed and a thought leader in her own right.”

Jo Edwards Starproject Theatre Company Director Worcerstershire

“Natasha is a wonderful support and ray of sunshine in my life.

She has shown me ways to overcome struggles and challenges that come from the most positive and loving place. She is one of these people that you are unsure how you never met before. Natasha shares superb techniques and ways in which to focus your mind into a place that works for you. Her smile is infectious and she is an asset to any person or group looking for a way to change their life in the most amazing way. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.”

Caroline French Bookkeeper North Worcestershire

“To be perfectly honest, I did not know what to expect from my session with Natasha,   so was a little apprehensive.  However, she put me at total ease.  Commencing this session with a meditation was totally relaxing and made me open my mind.  Her r voice was warm and reassuring. Throughout our session, I felt that Natasha took me on many journeys. It made me think about my actions and feelings. It also taught me to stop, take a step back, question and examine myself. I realise that yes everybody has health problems, and Natasha knows about mine.  I felt that she took me deeper than this and helped me question a lot about myself and how I manage certain things. If I was totally honest with myself, she made me realise that I had become stagnant in my life, self-pitying, feeling unsupported without any true friends and in an unnecessary rut.  I realise that I have allowed certain circumstances to stop me growing and my life had no direction, going nowhere. Natasha touched on many different topics, such as nutrition to the excess baggage that I continually carry around due to my negative experiences and vibes in my life.  This has taught me to take a step back and look beyond. I have many questions for myself and realise I must start my own journey.  I must overcome my obstacles, let go of the “excess baggage” and find the right path for me.  I know there is one and realise that I need to kick start this for my own well-being. Hopefully with a more open mind, I can learn to like myself, feel my worth and begin a new chapter in my life.  I need to learn to trust again, be less judgemental and build my confidence which as late has had a real battering.”