• Natasha Aylott

January Blues

This time of year, in January, many people start to feel down, disillusioned or depressed.

In fact, 21st January is the time of the highest number of people feeling depressed.

That is very sad, especially as it is time for a fresh start and a New Year.

Yes, it is dark, cold and there is very little daylight sunshine, but that does not mean we have to accept feeling low.

You can transform your life by changing the way you feel about everything and focus on the positives. Focus on what you are grateful for.

Of course, it takes time. However, only YOU can alter the course of your own life. And in my experience, action is one of the best antidotes.

Whilst this is challenging for some, it is also an opportunity to create the month, year and decade that you really want.

This is a fantastic time to wipe the slate clean, leave behind everything that is holding you back and get really clear about what you want your goals to look like.

We are not islands, even though we are individuals.

As human beings, we need one another and even if you are a loner, having just one person you trust to call on when times get tough, this is enough.

Work and Relationships are most important. Relationships even more so.


Because, when you are happy in your relationship, everything else in life comes together. Your relationship is the foundation on which you can build everything else. What I have noticed in myself as well as others, is we seem to get it the other way around and put work above relationships.

And what I have learned is that until you put yourself first and your intimate relationship second, nothing seems to work. Trust me, I've tried to ignore this advice forever and honestly it does not work. Most of us put ourselves at the bottom of the list and only begin to pay attention when we are utterly spent, ill and exhausted. It’s how many of us were brought up. And hey, it doesn’t serve us to live this way.

When you start to treat yourself like your very best friend, with care, kindness, respect, honesty, love and trust, then something magic begins to happen. And that is others around you follow suit. If you only remember and implement 1 thing in 2020, let it be this:

To nurture, nourish, love and care for yourself in the best way you can.

Be humble in all that you do.

Appreciate everything good in your life.

Smile a lot.

Take full responsibility for your life.

Listen intently to others.

Love yourself and others deeply.

Hug more, much, much more.

& Believe in Yourself :)

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