• Natasha Aylott

Do you know who you are?

Most of you have no idea who you are. Over the years and decades you have contorted yourself to fit in with society and the environment. Sorry but it’s true. You are conditioned, programmed, fearful and live behind limiting beliefs.

The good news is that this has not always been the case. Because when you were a baby you knew exactly who you were. You had no doubts about what you wanted. In fact, you spoke your truth clearly to everyone around you. You spoke up when you were hungry, you shouted when you needed a nappy change, you yelled when you were tired and you howled when you wanted a hug..., what happened?

Well, you were told “No!” far too many times and you allowed FEAR to hold you back, to keep you small. Plus, you did as you were told and stopped going for what you wanted. It’s called the “glass ceiling” And it was created by you allowing other people to make choices and decisions about Your life.

So, once you have an awareness and recognise that you are more than what other people think, you can start to evolve, develop and move forward with your life knowing exactly who you are. You are a truly powerful being, capable of almost anything! Yes, it is true. Remember when you were a child and read comic books or watched super hero movies? And do you also recall imagining yourself to be this hero? Well, now you need to remember what that felt like and imagine and believe that you really are a super hero. Use your imagination to visualise the life you want, the job you want, the house you desire, the partner of your dreams. Once you start to awaken this higher part of you, then there will be no looking back. Once you start to remember what it felt like to see the world through the eyes of a child, you will keep going no matter what. When you were a child you saw the world with eyes of awe and wonder. Everything was amazing and incredible. Grown ups were fantastic and we all wanted to be one...

Then you became one and you began to hold yourself back. But you didn’t take responsibility, NO! you blamed everyone else about why you couldn’t do this or that. You used the weather, time, the cat, your parents, your boss, your partner as an excuse for why you could no longer follow your dreams...

And that is sad.

So, now what? Well, the great news is that you, yes you my friend can change all of that and from this moment in time, start to believe in yourself all over again. Take back charge of your life. Get into the driving seat of your car. And for goodness sake, stop allowing other people to dictate or control which path you walk down. This is your amazing and wonderful life, so live it.

From now on, and no excuses, you are 100% responsible for everything in your life. Which means that it’s down to you. You’re in charge. You are free to do and be anything you want. Hurrah for you! Take baby steps each day to set your internal sat nav in the direction that you want to go, and go for it!

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