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A Weird Trick to Overcome FEAR!”

Today you learn the 5 Steps to Overcoming FEAR, that I know you’ll love.

Today you get the chance to learn the 5 Steps to Overcoming FEAR, that I know you’ll love. And I will share them with you in just a moment, but first, what is FEAR? What is it there for? Well, fear kept you safe from the lion or the bear in years gone by. It made you take massive action to out run your food or be the food!! Once the bear or lion went on its way, the cortisone that enabled you to have temporary super human powers reduced and you returned to a calm state.

These days you are pretty much safe going about your daily business in this part of the world, thank fully. So the adrenaline that kept you safe and arose to make you outrun the lion or the bear is redundant, or so it would seem. In fact, that is not so. You see, it is stress and pressure and worry that creates the same state in you. But this time, the anxiety it produces and the stress experienced does not subside as quickly as it arose. Many people live in an almost permanent state of FEAR. This causes illness in the body and over time is very harmful.

Once you recognise this and practice techniques to help you remain calm for most of the time, your overall wellbeing will improve. Fill in the gap to see where your FEAR comes from. Then you can begin to shift it.

"If FEAR didn't stop me, I would...........

What would you do?"

The benefits to you are:

You feel more relaxed

You become more in control of your life

Your confidence rises

Your relationships improve

Your health improves

You see situations more clearly

Your heart rate remains steady

Your blood pressure stays at a normal rate

You have less illnesses like the common cold

You feel happier

You age less quickly

You have more energy

You sleep better

What happens if you take no action? Well nothing happens unless you do…

Your life, your decision!

The first STEP is always the hardest...

When I hit a wall 11 years ago, I took massive action. Yes, I decided to educate myself. The blood tests at the doctors told me that it was the start of arthritis. The reflexologist told me it was stress. Well I wasn’t ready to accept this as my way of life – forget it! No way I was ready to give up and begin the slow downward slope at my tender age.

So I educated myself, I studied everything I could get my hands on that was holistic and took total charge of my life back. I employed a holistic coach and then a business and personal coach and never looked back.

When I realised that now I am fitter, more energetic, happier and have a much bigger capacity for learning, it seems a little bit bonkers that I would even consider settling for less.

You too can make huge changes to the direction your life is heading in. You too can liberate yourself from the FEAR that holds you back and live an abundant and fulfilled life.

So here is how:

  1. believe in yourself

  2. stop worrying

  3. stop criticising yourself and others

  4. never compare yourself to anyone

  5. practice gratitude every day

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With Love, Peace, Joy & Abundance, See you next time.

Natasha x

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