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What Mid-Life Crisis?

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a girlie week in Ibiza. We were celebrating a special birthday. The hotel was amazing, the company fabulous fun, the entertaining excessive. One evening we found ourselves sitting next to Pixie Lott, who was incredibly charming and chatted with us for ages. We had photos together as our daughters were huge fans. She is a great singer and beautiful too.

So was this a “mid-life crisis” to get away from the grind of home life or was it simply having a wonderful time in an ideally setting with fabulous friends?

Hanging out with people who get you is good for you. Laughing keeps you young at heart. Being around those who you feel comfortable with makes you feel happier.

If you are the sum total of the top 5 people you spend the most time with, then ask yourself this question, have I chosen the right 5 people to be around?

When was the last time you did something just for fun? When did you last laugh out loud for no reason at all, just for being alive? What stops you acting like a child who was having so much fun? Only you know the answer, and if it was a very long time ago, then you need to do something about it!

Being happier also means you are healthier. :)

But if you carry on running on the treadmill of life without having fun, then expect to be even more miserable than you are now in another 5, 10 or even 20 years time. Whose life is it anyway? Who is in the driving seat of your car? Can you afford to leave things just the way they are and hope that your life will miraculously improve without any action from you? Sounds a bit crazy to me – keep doing what you’ve always done and expect the results to be different!

You have the power in you to make the right choices for your life. You can decide you want things to get better. Chances are of course you want to feel better, happier, healthier and have incredible relationships in your life. The sad truth is that you cannot do this alone. That’s why you absolutely must go out there and find yourself a coach or mentor who can take you through the process, step by step to help you open your eyes to the endless and fabulous possibilities that are out there for you. Yes, You!

Are you ready to take that action? Are you ready to give yourself the gift of happiness and great health, fun and laughter?

Are you willing to put yourself first at the start of each day? Go on write yourself a list of 10 ways you could treat yourself – I dare you. Okay, so let me start you off… having a walk in the country and looking up at the trees and the sky and just breath in the fresh air; go see a comedy film by yourself, sit at the back with a huge box of popcorn and laugh until you cry; get up 30 minutes early in the morning and just sit in your favourite chair with your favourite drink, wrapped in a blanket, just gazing out of the window….

Now go and write down 10 of your own. I can wait…

…Great! You’re back, well done. See how easy it is. Now practice self-care each day. At least 3 per day. When you recharge your batteries you have more to give to others “you cannot give what you haven’t got” Oprah Winfrey. Putting yourself first is a drastic act of self-preservation.

Remember you cannot take care of your children or your parents when you are so exhausted that you can barely think!

So put yourself first and take back control of your life before it’s too late.

I’ll be checking up on you so give yourself the best gift of honouring yourself and treating yourself like a VIP.

If this has resonated with you and you just can’t wait for tickets to my next workshop to get totally Blissed, drop me an email at:

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