• Natasha Aylott


What does freedom mean to you? Is it free time to do the things you want to do? Is is the freedom to spend your hard earned cash at the end of the week or month? Is is having the freedm to do what you want with whom you want when you want to? Or is it the freedom to visualise and create the life you always wanted?

Truth is, you are already free! The reality is that you are only unfree in your mind. And as such your mind is powerful and it is maybe you that has kept you feeling a prisoner. So time to break free and imagine the life you want. Create the job you most desire. And begin to write down all the qualities you would truly love in a partner.

Once you alter your perspective, once you change the way you see things, what you look at will change. Start with something small and play a game with yourself. Take a few minutes to write down exactly what your ideal day would look like. Then imagine that this is your ideal day. Think about how you would feel having this ideal day. This is such a fun thing to do. Then add in the people you most want to spend your day with. What is the weather like? What music is playing or sounds in the background? What will you be saying to your friends and those you are with? Close your eyes for a moment, a couple of minutes is perfect and really feel that you are enjoying this day that you have been creating. Smell it, feel it, smile with it, see it, hear it and now just sit with that feeling you have made for yourself. How does that feel? Are you smiling?

You can apply this process with anything you like and if you feel happier than when you started, then hurray you just improved your future. :)

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