The Art Of Communication

How Effective are You at Communicating? We are losing the art of communication through the ever-growing addiction, yes addiction to social media. In particular our phones. Have you stopped recently to look around you whilst on a train, in a restaurant, even walking along the road? Then you will have noticed that most people and of all ages have their head bowed and their nose in a phone. Guys wake up! You are missing so much. Nature, the birds, the sky, the clouds, the fabulous architecture and other people… What really scares me about all of this is the fact that we are losing connection with others and most of all ourselves. The thing is, that when you seek fulfillment outside of yourself,


Being a leader comes with it huge responsibility. It requires you to be congruent across all areas of your life. To lead by example, not just by your words... Others do as you do, not as you say. Your body language is 75% more impactful than your words, which only represent 7%! How are you showing up? Do you bring your own "stuff" to the table, or are you able to leave it outside the boardroom and in the carpark? What do you do to maintain your resilience? As a leader you have to ensure you can be unaffected by the opinions of others, the finger pointing and judgement. Who is supporting you to ensure you function at your best? Do you have a mentor? Are you working with a coach? Are you part