A Weird Trick to Overcome FEAR!”

Today you get the chance to learn the 5 Steps to Overcoming FEAR, that I know you’ll love. And I will share them with you in just a moment, but first, what is FEAR? What is it there for? Well, fear kept you safe from the lion or the bear in years gone by. It made you take massive action to out run your food or be the food!! Once the bear or lion went on its way, the cortisone that enabled you to have temporary super human powers reduced and you returned to a calm state. These days you are pretty much safe going about your daily business in this part of the world, thank fully. So the adrenaline that kept you safe and arose to make you outrun the lion or the bear is redundant, or so it would s

What Mid-Life Crisis?

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a girlie week in Ibiza. We were celebrating a special birthday. The hotel was amazing, the company fabulous fun, the entertaining excessive. One evening we found ourselves sitting next to Pixie Lott, who was incredibly charming and chatted with us for ages. We had photos together as our daughters were huge fans. She is a great singer and beautiful too. So was this a “mid-life crisis” to get away from the grind of home life or was it simply having a wonderful time in an ideally setting with fabulous friends? Hanging out with people who get you is good for you. Laughing keeps you young at heart. Being around those who you feel comfortable with makes you fe